Brazilian Hair Extensions Guide: Styles, Care Tips & Top Brands Revealed!

Brazilian hair extensions

Brazilian hair extensions have become incredibly popular due to their soft, natural texture and versatility. This comprehensive guide will explore everything you need to know about selecting, styling, and caring for Brazilian hair extensions so you can rock your new locks with confidence!


Brazilian hair is prized for its luxurious qualities that mimic relaxed afro-textured hair. The texture strikes the perfect balance – not too coarse and voluminous like African hair, but not too soft like Asian hair. It has the perfect amount of body and natural shine.

Some key benefits of Brazilian hair extensions include:

  • Soft, natural texture even after processing
  • Blends seamlessly with natural hair
  • Absorbs and holds styles well
  • Resistant to tangling and matting
  • Long-lasting if cared for properly

This guide will cover how to choose the right Brazilian hair extensions for your needs, top styling tips, proper care and maintenance routines, application methods, and the best Brazilian hair brands on the market. Read on to transform your locks!

Understanding Brazilian Hair Extensions

Brazilian hair used for extensions and weaves is ethically sourced from Brazilian donors. It is harvested in a way that preserves the cuticle layer so it remains intact and aligned for a natural look.

Here are the main types of Brazilian hair extensions:

Brazilian Straight Hair:

  • Has been chemically straightened to remove natural kink
  • Maintains movement and sheen
  • Easy to style and blend with relaxed/straight hair

Brazilian Wavy Hair:

  • Has natural “S” shaped waves
  • Great for adding body and bounce
  • Versatile for both curly and straight styles

Brazilian Curly/Kinky Hair:

  • Preserves natural tight curl pattern
  • Perfect for adding volume and length to kinky-curly hair
  • Defines curls on looser curl patterns

Brazilian Body Wave:

  • Barrel-curled to create voluminous waves
  • Heat-styled into looser waves or straighter styles

Brazilian Loose Wave:

  • Has a slightly looser natural wave
  • Creates effortless, touchable volume

Top Benefits of Brazilian Hair Extensions

There are many reasons Brazilian hair extensions are a top choice, including:

  • Seamless styling: Takes well to heat tools and holds styles longer
  • Soft texture: Feels like real hair; no tangled messes
  • Versatile styling: Wavy and curly options create volume
  • Natural shine: Reflective cuticle layer creates healthy glow
  • Durability: Lasts 6 months or longer with proper care
  • Easy blending: Texturizing powders easily blend with natural hair
  • Vibrant dyeing: Takes vivid colors well without damage
Brazilian hair bundles

How To Choose The Right Brazilian Hair Extensions

With so many options, selecting the right Brazilian hair can feel overwhelming. Keep these tips in mind:

Hair Type and Texture

  • Straight hair: Go for straight or gently wavy textures
  • Curly hair: Pick kinky curly or wet/wavy styles
  • Thin/fine hair: Opt for lighter densities to avoid overload
  • Thick hair: Choose medium-high densities for seamless blend


Common extension lengths are 16”-30”. Choose based on your goals:

  • Short styles: 16-18” add body without excessive length
  • Medium length: 20-22” hit just past shoulder length
  • Long locks: 24-30” deliver dramatic length

Hair Thickness

Brazilian hair thickness is measured by grams per bundle. Choose based on fullness desired:

  • 130-150g = Medium: Provides subtle volume
  • 160-180g = Medium/Thick: Adds noticeable fullness
  • 200-250g+ = Very thick: For maximum drama

Tip: Get 200-250g bundles for ponytails or up-dos.

Bundle Deals

Bundle deals provide cost savings for multiple extensions. Popular options include:

  • 2 bundle deal: Allows versatile styling
  • 3 bundle deal: Seamless look with fullness
  • 4+ bundle deals: For very full, Kardashian-style glam

Comparing Brazilian Hair Brands

Quality can vary drastically between brands. These top-rated brands offer the best Brazilian remy hair:

BrandQualityPrice Range
MayvennHigh-end, super soft$200-$350
WoW AfricanAffordable, great value$80-$130
YS ParkPremium, virgin grade$150-$260
Chade FashionBudget-friendly$60-$100
Xuchang HaoyuanThick, lustrous$120-$200

When comparing brands, check reviews for information on softness, sheen, tangling issues, and longevity.

Styling Brazilian Hair Extensions

The versatility of Brazilian hair makes it easy to create a variety of gorgeous styles.

Wavy and Curly Styles

  • Define curls with mousse or curl cream, then diffuse dry
  • Enhance waves by braiding damp hair overnight
  • Add volume with twist-outs, braid-outs or bantu knots
  • Refresh curls with a spray bottle for longevity

Straight and Sleek Styles

  • Blow out using a rounded brush to smooth and straighten
  • Flat iron in small sections using heat protectant spray
  • Add shine with anti-frizz serums or oils on finished styles
  • Command attention with slick high ponytails or goddess braids

Updos, Ponytails and Buns

  • Curl hair with a wand first for big bodied updos
  • Tease the crown for added lift and volume
  • Blend with your natural hair at the top/sides for seamless ponytails
  • Part hair to the side first for glamorous buns

Dyeing and Highlighting

  • Lighten or brighten with foil highlights
  • Go for vibrant colors like burgundy, copper and chocolate brown
  • Use semi-permanent dye for less damage and more fade resistance
  • Tone and gloss to keep blondes fresh between full coloring
Brazilian curly hair

Caring for Brazilian Hair Extensions

Proper care is crucial for keeping extensions looking beautiful.

A Healthy Hair Routine

  • Wash 1-2 times per week with sulfate-free shampoo
  • Condition after every wash focusing on mid-lengths and ends
  • Apply argan oil to ends while hair is still damp
  • Gently detangle from tips up using a wide-tooth comb
  • Avoid excessive heat styling at high temperatures

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Overwashing which causes dryness and tangling
  • Using harsh shampoos like dish soap or clarifying shampoo
  • Skipping conditioning which leads to frizz and dryness
  • Rubbing wet hair with towels causing tangles
  • Sleeping with hair uncovered leading to friction

Products That Maintain Brazilian Hair

Its a 10 Miracle MaskWeekly treatment strengthens and replenishes
Shea Moisture Strengthen and Restore ShampooSulfate-free cleasing; super hydrating
Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine SerumFights frizz and flyaways; adds glossy shine
Tangle Teezer Wet/Dry BrushUltimate detangling with flexible teeth
Kitsch Satin ScrunchiesProtective nighttime styling; prevents breakage

DIY: Applying Brazilian Hair Extensions

While professional installation is recommended, you can DIY your application:

Gather Your Materials

  • Brazilian hair bundles in desired length/thickness
  • Matching hair clip color to your extensions
  • Edge control gel (Got2B recommended)
  • Rat tail comb
  • Hair extensions pliers and clasps
  • Small crochet hook
  • Curved needle and thread

Step 1 – Section Out Your Hair

Part hair horizontally from ear to ear. Clip up top section, leaving bottom layer down.

Step 2 – Add Extensions Up Top

Take a 1” horizontal section of your natural hair at the part line. Clamp extension weft to roots with pliers. Secure with bead. Repeat across section.

Step 3 – Install Lower Extensions

Crochet extensions into cornrows or braids on lower section. Feed hair through loop of hook and pull through.

Step 4 – Blend and Style

Loosen extension and natural hair together with fingers. Diffuse or flat iron. Add finishing products like serum for shine.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

TanglingUse detangling spray and gently brush through with a wide-tooth comb
MattingApply conditioning masks to boost moisture; avoid sleeping with hair uncovered
SheddingSeal wefts properly during application; minimize friction and breakage
FrizzUse anti-humectants like silicone serum; avoid brushing dry hair
Lackluster lookUse weekly clarifying shampoo to remove buildup; deep condition

To get the longest wear out of extensions, handle them gently, keep hair conditioned, and protect them while sleeping. Address any issues right away to prevent worse damage.

Comparing Remy And Non-Remy Hair

When browsing Brazilian hair types, you’ll come across “remy” and “non-remy” options. What’s the difference?

Remy hair is the highest grade since cuticles remain intact and aligned root-to-tip. Benefits include:

  • Less prone to tangling and matting
  • Allows for smooth, seamless styling
  • Reflective shine mimics healthy hair
  • Long-lasting and durable

Non-remy hair has cuticles facing in mixed directions. While affordable, drawbacks include:

  • Tendency to tangle and mat
  • Doesn’t blend as seamlessly
  • Prone to dryness and frizz
  • Shorter lifespan before quality deteriorates

If your budget allows, investing in remy hair will provide the best experience and longevity.

Best Products For Maintaining Extensions

Caring for Brazilian hair requires using the right products. Here are five top recommendations:

1. Design Essentials Avocado and Almond Shampoo

  • Gentle moisturizing cleanser
  • Nourishes and softens hair
  • Protects from moisture loss

2. Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Multivitamin Heat Protection Spray

  • Reduces damage from heat styling
  • Smooths and defrizzes
  • Boosts shine and vibrancy

3. Olaplex No.6 Bond Smoother

  • Rebuilds broken bonds
  • Strengthens and repairs
  • Protects against damage

4. Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask

  • Weekly reparative treatment
  • Hydrates and revitalizes
  • Promotes growth and fullness

5. Kitsch Satin Pillowcases

  • Protects hair from friction
  • Helps maintain style overnight
  • Prevents tangles and breakage
Brazilian curly hair products


I hope this guide provided you with all the tips, tricks and knowledge about Brazilian hair extensions you were looking for!

The key points to remember are:

  • Select the right texture, length and thickness for your hair goals and needs
  • Take advantage of the versatility Brazilian hair offers for styling
  • Follow proper maintenance routines to get the longest wear possible
  • Invest in quality remy hair for tangle resistance and shine
  • Shop popular brands like Mayvenn and YS Park for best quality

With the right selection, application method and care, Brazilian hair extensions can take your style to the next level. Embrace the chance to enhance your locks with beautiful Brazilian hair!


1. What are Brazilian hair extensions?

Brazilian hair extensions are made from human hair collected from Brazilian donors. They are valued for their thick, soft, natural texture that blends seamlessly with many hair types.

2. How long do Brazilian hair extensions last?

With proper care, Brazilian hair extensions typically last 4-6 months before needing to be replaced. Doing regular conditioning treatments, avoiding excessive heat styling, and being gentle when brushing will maximize their lifespan.

3. Can I style Brazilian extensions with heat?

Yes, Brazilian hair extensions can be heat styled with blow dryers, flat irons and curling wands. Use a heat protectant spray first and avoid extremely high temps over 400°F to prevent damage. Limit heat styling to 1-2x per week.

4. Are Brazilian extensions suitable for all hair types?

Brazilian hair works well with most hair textures including African American, Caucasian, Asian, and mixed hair. It can blend seamlessly to match straight, wavy, or curly hair types. Very coarse or fine hair may require particular densities for ideal blending.

5. How to care for Brazilian hair extensions?

  • Use a sulfate-free, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner
  • Only wash 1-2 times per week to avoid dryness
  • Apply a treatment mask or argan oil weekly
  • Always use a leave-in conditioner after washing
  • Detangle gently with a wide-tooth comb
  • Sleep with hair in a loose braid or bun
  • Avoid rubbing wet hair with towels

Following a diligent hair care regimen maximizes the longevity and beauty of Brazilian hair extensions.